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Identification of Blood Serum Facial Markers and Their Crystallographic Features in Liver Pathologies

M.T. Botirov, Yu.D.Khaitova

Determinant Analysis of Hedging Policy (Study on Non-Financial Company)

Marinus Vito Winasseto, Wiwik Utami

Evaluation of Haemtalogical Parameters of Patients with Asthma in Southeast, Nigeria

Obeagu Emmanuel Ifeanyi, Vincent CCN, Anaebo Queen Braxton N

A Cross Sectional Analysis of Familial Alienation of Transgender: With Reference to District Swat-Pakistan

Atta Ullah, Akhtar Ali, Younas Khan

The Use of WhatsApp Messaging Improves Communication in Surgery Team

Dr. Ajay Sharma, Dr. Sanjay Singhal