SB-Volume-5; Issue-11 (November, 2019)

Effect of Internal Control Systems, Information Asymmetry and Environmental Uncertainty on Budgetary Slack

Siti Choiriah
Sch Bull, 2019; 5(11): 604-610
DOI: 10.36348/SB.2019.v05i11.001

The Effects of Local Government Size, Income per Capita, Local Government Wealth and Audit Opinion on the Quality of Internet Financial Reporting Disclosure: Studies in Indonesia

Eny Mariani, Wiwik Utami
Sch Bull, 2019; 5(11): 611-619
DOI: 10.36348/SB.2019.v05i11.002

Analysis of the Implementation of Anti Money Laundering and Terrorism Funding Prevention Programs in PT Asuransi Jiwa X

Ezra Situmeang, Jan Hoesada
Sch Bull, 2019; 5(11): 620-623
DOI: 10.36348/SB.2019.v05i11.003

La Fiscalite Congolaise Face Aux Enjeux De La Decentralisation: Cas De La Province De L’ituri De 2016 A 2018

Menga Yaosuwa, Imani Gaya
Sch Bull, 2019; 5(11): 624-634
DOI: 10.36348/SB.2019.v05i11.004

Prototype E-Marketplace Information System Service Provider

Muhaimin Hasanudin, Haris, Muhamad Zahruddin, Khozin Yuliana
Sch Bull, 2019; 5(11): 635-638
DOI: 10.36348/SB.2019.v05i11.005

Why Does The Tax Knowledge Give Negative Effect on the Level of Tax Payer Compliance?

Ika Rediyana, Hadri Mulya
Sch Bull, 2019; 5(11): 639-643
DOI: 10.36348/SB.2019.v05i11.006

Effect of Meditation on Auditory Reaction Time in First Mbbs Students of D.Y. Patil Medical College, Kolhapur

Pandian M, Dr. Padmaja R, Dr. Amruta N. Kumbhar
Sch Bull, 2019; 5(11): 644-647
DOI: 10.36348/SB.2019.v05i11.007

The Basic Aspects of the Failures Resulted in the Failure of the Construction

Meizy Amariza, Hadri Mulya
Sch Bull, 2019; 5(11): 648-657
DOI: 10.36348/SB.2019.v05i11.008

Influence of Social Media on Tourists' Destination Selection Decision

Himangshu Shakor Paul, Debashish Roy, Raju Mia
Sch Bull, 2019; 5(11): 658-664
DOI: 10.36348/SB.2019.v05i11.009

The Impact of Bank Loan on the Profitability of Small and Medium Enterprises in Bauchi State, Nigeria

Mustapha Idris, Sani Dahiru Tanko, Abdulbasid Abdullahi Tambari
Sch Bull, 2019; 5(11): 665-670
DOI: 10.36348/SB.2019.v05i11.010

Alignment between the Learning Objectives and Examinations: A Comparative Analysis of High-School Physics Curricula in Myanmar and South Australia

Robert Matthews, Wai Wai Kyi
Sch Bull, 2019; 5(11): 671-680
DOI: 10.36348/SB.2019.v05i11.011