Saudi Journal of Biomedical Research
Volume-2: Issue-2 (Mar, 2017)

Effect of Aqueous Root Extract of Cassia occidentalis on Acetaminophen Induced Hepatorenal Toxicity Rat Model
A.J. Alhassan, I.U. Muhammad, A.A. Imam, Z.H. Shamsudden1 A. Nasir, I. Alexander
Saudi Journal of Biomedical Research, 2017; 2(2):19-26 (Download PDF)

Identification and immune recognition of viral epitopes of West Nile Virus envelope glycoprotein and their potentials of acting as peptide vaccine
Marwan Mustafa Badawi, Samar Abdalaziz Ahmed, Malaz Abdelbagi Elgelani, Tassneem Hamid Alnourain, Mohamed Hassan Mabrouk, Alaa Salah Aldein SidAhmed
Saudi Journal of Biomedical Research, 2017; 2(2):27-61 (Download PDF)