SIJOG-Volume-2; Issue-10 (October, 2019)

  • Predictive Factors of Pregnancy in Women Admitted for Ovarian Stimulation during Medically Assisted Procreation at the Yaounde Gynecological Endoscopic Surgery and Human Reproductive Teaching Hospital (YGESHRTH)
  • Jean Marie Kasia, Etienne Belinga, Claude Cyrille Noa Ndoua, Baha jean Stéphane, Esther Voundi Voundi, Michel Toukam, Nathalie Massin, Clément Jimenez
  • Sch Int J Obstet Gynec, 2019; 2(10): 248-251
  • DOI: 10.36348/SIJOG.2019.v02i10.002
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